Shaping Inevitable innovations in Healthcare

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Healthcare Consulting and Venture Capital



Kris Ampersand focuses on accelerating high growth enterprises through value-added partnerships in Healthcare. We consult and invest in technology and services business that address the inevitable trends in Healthcare; patients driving change, human augmentation, transparent outcomes.

We work with business leaders and investors who, like us, believe that transformational change in healthcare is not optional.




Def. certain to happen; unavoidable.

Destined to occur, whether we are prepared or not.

Change in the Healthcare sector is inevitable, and Kris Ampersand partners with companies that embrace and drive the change that's necessary to drive positive outcomes.


Our stated objective is to do work that has positive impacts on as many lives as we can.

We chose to work with companies that share our views and values; stakeholder delight, relentless pursuit of innovation, and a desire to do what's right, even if what's right is hard to do.

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